Cannavist Awards


To celebrate The CANNAVIST’s ‘turning a new leaf in health and wellbeing’ relaunch, we have expanded our awards even further. This year’s 19 awards will celebrate the best of the health, nutrition, fitness and CBD industries. 


The awards are divided into two categories: Product Awards and Readers’ Awards.

The Product and Readers’ Awards will be decided by an online public vote.

Voting will close on December 20, and we will reveal the winners on December 22..

product awards

Mind & Body

Asset 17

From pillow sprays to supplements, this category is open to any products that promote better sleep.

Asset 15

This category is open to diffusers, oils and bathing salts.

Asset 16

Whether it’s a body cream, bath bomb or body oil, it belongs in this category.

Asset 18

Whether it is a cleanser, moisturiser, hydration product or anything else designed for the skin, this is the category to enter.

Asset 14

Any products that aid fitness are eligible for this category.


Asset 20

This category is open to any supplements that provide nutrients.

Asset 21

This category is open to any healthy beverages.

Asset 19

Any food products with nutritional benefits are eligible for this category.


Asset 25

This category is open to any CBD oil.

Asset 23

This category is open to any CBD-infused food or beverage.

Asset 24

This category is open to all CBD vape products, such as pods and CBD e-liquids.

Asset 22

This category is open to any CBD balm, bath bomb, salve, cream, gel, rub or body oil.

Readers' awards

Asset 34

The winner of this award will be honoured as the leading wellbeing brand.

Asset 35

This award is dedicated to a podcast that inspires and educates people in the health and wellbeing sector.

Asset 37

Whether it’s to help you meditate or relax, this award is open to any self-care apps.

Asset 39

This award recognises an influencer who inspires you most on your health and fitness journey. 

Asset 36

This award will crown your favourite health spa.  

Asset 38

This award is open to retail outlets that specialise in health and wellbeing.  

Asset 33

The winner of this category will take the coveted title of best CBD brand.